It’s pub food at its best. With a great selection of meals from the freshest of local produce. In a state with such great wines, it’s so hard to choose. That’s why we’ve got over 90 on offer!

Alehouse Dry Aged Steaks

Aged for at least 4 weeks
The dry-aging of meat is one of the oldest techniques out there.
The entire carcass or primal cut is hung up for a period of weeks, in view of enhancing the flavour profile and tenderness of meat.
During the aging process, enzymes break down the connective tissue between the muscle fibre, tenderising the meat. At the same time, the cut of meat loses moisture, concentrating the flavour of the meat. Here it can mature and rest, and reach its highest possible grade, instead of lying in an airtight plastic wrap. Here it can do what meat loves to do most, it can breathe!


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